Novelty Handcuffs

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We carry every type of handcuff you can think of, from thumbcuffs, to plastic handcuffs, metal handcuffs, furry handcuffs, and even handcuffs that glow in the dark. In order to keep our prices dirt cheap, we sell in bulk, so most items have a minimum purchase quantity.

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Name+ Popularity Price

Bulk Furry Handcuffs Furry Handcuffs $1.75
Bulk Magic Escape Handcuffs Magic Escape Handcuffs $11.40
Bulk Metal Thumb Cuffs Metal Thumb Cuffs $0.55
Bulk Mini Neon Handcuffs (144 ct) Neon Handcuffs $6.84
Bulk Plastic Handcuffs Plastic Handcuffs $0.48
Bulk Stretchy Elastic Handcuffs Stretchy Elastic Handcuffs $1.39
Bulk Thumb Cuff Keychain Thumb Cuff Keychain $0.59
Bulk Toy Metal Handcuffs Toy Metal Handcuffs $1.56

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