Novelty Jewelry

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We have all types of fake jewelry- from rings to necklaces. We sell in bulk, which is why our prices are so low. Most items have a minimum quantity purchase. Also check out our mood rings and mardi gras bead throws.

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Name+ Popularity Price

Bulk 33" Mixed Throw Beads 33" Mixed Throw Beads $0.24
Bulk Costume Ring Assortment Costume Ring $40.47
Bulk Crystal Light Up Ring Crystal Light Up Ring $0.77
Bulk Flashing Dolphin Necklace Flashing Dolphin Necklace $0.65
Bulk Flashing Heart Necklace Flashing Heart Necklace $0.98
Bulk Glitter Heart Rings Glitter Heart Rings $0.48
Bulk Glow Plastic Bracelet Glow Plastic Bracelet $1.57
Bulk Gold Dollar Bling Dollar Bling $1.94
Bulk Imitation Giant Diamond Rings Giant Diamond Rings $0.80
Bulk Jumbo Bling Rings Jumbo Bling Rings $0.55
Bulk Jumbo Light Up Ring Jumbo Light Up Ring $0.55
Bulk Metal Rings (144 ct) Metal Rings $3.90
Bulk Mood Rings Mood Rings $0.56
Bulk Party Favor Rings Party Favor Rings $0.08
Bulk Plastic Crystal Rings Plastic Crystal Rings $6.49
Bulk Rubber Anti-Bullying Bracelet Rubber Anti-Bullying Bracelet $0.23
Bulk Silicone Charms Silicone Charms $0.16
Bulk Skull Rings (144 ct) Skull Rings $9.49
Bulk Sport Ball Necklace Sport Ball Necklace $0.26
Bulk White Light Up Ring White Light Up Ring $0.61
Bulk Zipper Bracelets Zipper Bracelets $0.62

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