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We carry a wide assortment of keychains and rings to keep your keys company. Novelty keyrings aren't just a keyholder; they are a way for you to show your personality, or remember a special moment in time with a souvenir trinket. Our bulk pricing is suited for resellers, as well as promo agencies or jobbers at carnivals and fairs. Note the multi-case pricing on each product. Most of our products are distributed in bulk quantities.

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Name+ Popularity Price

Bulk 1.75" x 2.25" Photo Frame Keychain Photo Frame Keychain $0.18
Bulk 2" Flashlight Keychain 2" Flashlight Keychain $0.32
Bulk 2" Tic Tac Toe Keychain 2" Tic Tac Toe Keychain $0.35
Bulk 3" Plush Animal Ball Keychain 3" Plush Animal Ball Keychain $0.61
Bulk 3" Wooden Baseball Keychain 3" Wooden Baseball Keychain $0.42
Bulk Bowling Pin Key Chain Bowling Pin Key Chain $0.53
Bulk Cap Gun Keychains Cap Gun Keychains $0.84
Bulk Casino Keychain Casino Keychain $2.60
Bulk Flashing Dolphin Keychain Flashing Dolphin Keychain $0.34
Bulk Flip Flop Keyrings Flip Flop Keyrings $0.12
Bulk Keychain Assortment Keychain $0.42
Bulk Lite Up Poker Chip Keychains Lite Up Poker Chip Keychains $3.43
Bulk Magic Erase Drawing Board Magic Drawing Board $1.14
Bulk Metal Globe Keychains Metal Globe Keychains $0.14
Bulk Metal Whistle Keychains Metal Whistle Keychains $0.23
Bulk Peeing Baby Keychains Peeing Baby Keychains $0.81
Bulk Poker Chip Keychains Poker Chip Keychains $0.33
Bulk Pool Ball Keychains Pool Ball Keychains $0.62
Bulk Pooping Dog Keychain Pooping Dog Keychain $0.81
Bulk Pooping Pig Keychain Pooping Pig Keychain $0.81
Bulk Rubber Duck Keychains Rubber Duck Keychains $0.36
Bulk Rubber Frog Keychain Rubber Frog Keychain $0.44
Bulk Scrambled Chicken Keychain Scrambled Chicken Keychain $0.89
Bulk Skeleton Keychains Skeleton Keychains $0.23
Bulk Smile Face Light Bulb Keychain Smile Face Light Bulb Keychain $0.40
Bulk Spiral Whistle Spiral Whistle $0.21
Bulk Stretch Chicken Keychain Stretch Chicken Keychain $0.44
Bulk Tape Measure Keychain Tape Measure Keychain $0.86
Bulk Thumb Cuff Keychain Thumb Cuff Keychain $0.59
Universal TV Remote keychain TV Remote keychain $6.77

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