Novelty Noisemakers

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cow bells, whistles and vuvuzela horns
Get your party started and be heard with our noise makers and horns! We offer wholesale prices to everyone, and minimum purchase quantities apply to most items. In addition to our bulk noise makers and horns, we also offer a full line of loud producing novelties.

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Name+ Popularity Price

Bulk 13" Metallic Trumpet 13" Metallic Trumpet $1.38
Bulk 16" Groan Tubes 16" Groan Tubes $0.42
Bulk 3" Slide Whistles (144 ct) 3" Slide Whistles $13.78
Bulk 4" Hand Clapper 4" Hand Clapper $0.10
Bulk 6" Plastic Clackers 6" Plastic Clackers $0.55
Bulk 7" Metal Harmonica 7" Metal Harmonica $3.47
Bulk Air Blaster Horns Air Blaster Horns $0.49
Bulk Air Horn Pumps Air Horn Pumps $1.92
Bulk Alligator Clappers Alligator Clappers $0.33
Bulk Bomb Bags Bomb Bags $0.12
Bulk Clapping Hands Clapping Hands $1.60
Bulk Cowbells Cowbells $0.97
Bulk Flashing Air Horn Flashing Air Horn $0.77
Bulk Flashing Tambourine Flashing Tambourine $2.72
Bulk Glitter Maracas Glitter Maracas $0.34
Bulk Hand Clapper Hand Clapper $0.29
Bulk Light Up Clapping Hand Light Up Clapping Hand $0.86
Bulk Light Up Whistle Necklace Light Up Whistle Necklace $0.67
Bulk Megaphones Megaphones $8.39
Bulk Mini Airhorn Pump Airhorn Pump $1.38
Bulk Neon Whistles Neon Whistles $0.19
Bulk Party Popper Guns Party Popper Guns $2.43
Bulk Party Snap n Pops Party Snap n Pops $0.29
Bulk Plastic Harmonicas Plastic Harmonicas $0.14
Bulk Plastic Kazoo Plastic Kazoo $0.13
Bulk Tambourines Tambourines $0.86

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