Novelty Pencils

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Pencils are a fun, useful, and inexpensive small gift for kids that make doing homework engaging. We have a growing number of designs and prints available and will be adding new designs regularly over time. Our items have a minimum purchase quantity since we sell in bulk.

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Name+ Popularity Price

Bulk 15" Jumbo Safari Pencil 15" Jumbo Safari Pencil $1.20
Bulk 5" Ugly Wuggly Holder 5" Ugly Wuggly Holder $0.70
Bulk Birthday Pencils (12 ct) Birthday Pencils $1.44
Bulk Hockey Pencil Hockey Pencil $0.36
Bulk Jumbo Pencil Jumbo Pencil $3.42
Bulk Jumbo Smile Face Pencil Jumbo Smile Face Pencil $0.68
Bulk Novelty Pencils (12 ct) Novelty Pencils $1.16
Bulk Pop-a-Point Fruit Pencil (50 ct) Pop-a-Point Fruit Pencil $5.36
Bulk Safari Animal Pencil (12 ct) Safari Animal Pencil $1.44
Bulk Smile Face Pencil Case Smile Face Pencil Case $0.45
Bulk Space Pencils (12 ct) Space Pencils $1.44

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