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Humorous and novelty stationery pens make tasks like homework more fun for kids. We carry a large variety of novelty pens of different styles and characters to make learning more enjoyable. All of our items are offered in bulk, with a minimum order of either ½ or 1 case. We offer true wholesale pricing to individuals and B2B. We also have novelty pencils for sale.

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Name+ Popularity Price

Bulk Assorted Jump Smile Pens Assorted Jump Smile Pens $0.94
Bulk Baseball Bat Pens Baseball Bat Pens $0.43
Bulk Bracelet Pens Bracelet Pens $0.25
Bulk Casino Pens Casino Pens $3.25
Bulk Christmas Bulb Pens Christmas Bulb Pens $1.33
Bulk Daisy Flower Pens Daisy Flower Pens $0.89
Bulk Feather Duck Pen Feather Duck Pen $0.46
Bulk Jumbo Pens Jumbo Pens $0.83
Bulk Light Up Pen Necklace Light Up Pen Necklace $0.69
Bulk Lipstick Pens Lipstick Pens $0.93
Bulk Multi-Colored Pens Multi-Colored Pens $0.57
Bulk Neon Paracord Necklace Pens Neon Paracord Necklace Pens $0.79
Bulk Notebook Pen Set Notebook Pen Set $1.68
Bulk Peacock Feather Pens Peacock Feather Pens $1.05
Bulk Pen Assortment Pen $0.82
Bulk Poo Pen Poo Pen $1.58
Bulk Porcupine Pens Porcupine Pens $1.24
Bulk Porcupine Push Pens Porcupine Push Pens $1.04
Bulk Racing Car Pens Racing Car Pens $0.68
Bulk Redneck Pens Redneck Pens $4.58
Bulk Shuttle Pens With 10 Colors Shuttle Pens 10 Colors $0.73
Bulk Smile Pen with Lanyard Smile Pen Lanyard $0.16
Bulk Stick Gel Pens Stick Gel Pens $0.68
Bulk Syringe Hilighter Syringe Hilighter $0.72
Bulk Syringe Pens Syringe Pens $0.37
Bulk Wand Pens Wand Pens $0.44

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