Novelty Umbrellas

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boas and costume hats
Umbrellas to keep the entire family dry. We have cute animal themed ones for the kids, (or adults), and umbrellas with more of an adult feel. Great as gifts and proven resell items at small shops, zoos, festivals, and carnivals. Our prices are low because we sell in bulk at wholesale prices to the public. Please note minimum order quantities for each item.

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Name+ Popularity Price

Bulk Animal Umbrellas Animal Umbrellas $4.77
Bulk Bee Umbrellas Bee Umbrellas $4.90
Bulk Black Mens Umbrellas Black Mens Umbrellas $2.67
Bulk Elephant Umbrellas Elephant Umbrellas $4.90
Bulk Frog Umbrellas Frog Umbrellas $4.90
Bulk Giraffe Umbrellas Giraffe Umbrellas $4.90
Bulk Goldfish Umbrellas fish Umbrellas $4.90
Bulk Golf Umbrellas Golf Umbrellas $4.88
Bulk Lady Bug Umbrella Lady Bug Umbrella $4.90
Bulk Lion Umbrellas Lion Umbrellas $4.67
Bulk Monkey Umbrellas Monkey Umbrellas $4.90
Bulk Panda Umbrellas Panda Umbrellas $4.80
Bulk Shark Umbrellas Shark Umbrellas $4.90
Bulk Silk Parasol Umbrellas Silk Parasol Umbrellas $3.21
Bulk Umbrella Novelty Hats Umbrella Novelty Hats $2.68
Bulk Zebra Umbrellas Zebra Umbrellas $4.90

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