Novelty Whistles

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noisemakers, cowbells, and stadium horns
We have all kinds of whistles for sale. You are sure to find one you like or one to match your theme! Some come attached to necklaces, some to bracelets, and some without. New inventory added all the time. Most items have a minimum purchase quantity which is how we can sell wholesale to everyone.

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Name+ Popularity Price

Bulk 2" Plastic Whistles 2" Plastic Whistles $0.07
Bulk 3" Slide Whistles (144 ct) 3" Slide Whistles $13.78
Bulk Duck Beak Whistles Duck Beak Whistles $0.30
Bulk Duck Whistles Duck Whistles $0.27
Bulk Fart Razz Whistle Fart Razz Whistle $0.60
Bulk Glitter Megaphone Whistles Glitter Megaphone Whistles $0.12
Bulk Lanyard Whistle Lanyard Whistle $0.15
Bulk Large Referee Whistles Large Referee Whistles $0.38
Bulk Light Up Whistle Necklace Light Up Whistle Necklace $0.67
Bulk Lip Siren Whistles (144 ct) Lip Siren Whistles $10.84
Bulk Metal Whistle Keychains Metal Whistle Keychains $0.23
Bulk Plastic Train Whistles Plastic Train Whistles $0.10
Bulk Siren Whistle Siren Whistle $0.38
Bulk Spiral Whistle Spiral Whistle $0.21
Bulk Sports Ball Whistle Sports Ball Whistle $0.27
Bulk Whistle Blow Saucers Whistle Blow Saucers $0.27
Bulk Wooden Train Whistles Wooden Train Whistles $0.48

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