Individual 2 inch Red Clown Noses

Red Clowns Noses

Red Clowns Noses

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Clowns noses are ideal for goofing around or simply spreading cheer. These sponge circles are approximately 2 inches in diameter and feature a cutout in the back so they stay firmly in place without the use of glue or gum spirit like other varieties. And unlike plastic or rubber noses, they don't require elastic and aren't hypoallergenic, so they are guaranteed to feel great on the skin. Available in fire engine red only, one size fits all. This listing is for retail quantities (under 12 dozen). If you need tons, consider buying wholesale clown noses in 1/2 case lots of 18 dozen


Each piece comes individually factory sealed in cellophane for handouts or give-aways. Knowing that they are hygienic will give parents and nurses peace of mind, making them suitable for use in hospitals or with sick children. They make excellent carnival prizes for redemption, arts and crafts, and double as Ruldoph the reindeer noses.


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5 Star ReviewJason - Aug 18, 2016

Great product, Great Value, Individually wrapped. Thank you

5 Star ReviewTeacher - Apr 22, 2016

These are great! After placing the order, I was a little worried about the size. I neglected to look at that when ordering. But they arrived quicker than expected and are the perfect size!!! Thank you!

5 Star Reviewstu.r - Apr 13, 2016

The products may be the same as the places that sell bigger volumes at lower prices, but those other places do not have the individual packaging. These may not be hygienically clean, but I think they are a lot more so than those other places, and worth the pricing. It would really be nice, however, if the noses were available in other colors. (Then, they would not be Red Clown Noses.)

5 Star ReviewNorma in FL - Jun 16, 2015

Red Nose Day was coming. I usually order from the other company but a typing error brought me to you. I ordered 24 Foam Clown Noses and passed them out; as a surprise, to the my country line dancing friends. Red Noses, happy smiles were all over the dance hall. My friends will be ordering from you also. They agree with your value/prices/ship-handling.

5 Star ReviewJoshua Tarplin - Jan 16, 2015

My order was filled properly and promptly. What is more, when I asked for tracking information on my order, you provided the shipping and tracking info without delay.

5 Star ReviewKelly - Aug 7, 2014

Fast shipping! Originally I had the idea to put the noses on the water bottles, but they did not fit so I will be putting them in the favor bags for the kids. I love them, my daughters birthday will be Circus theme for her first birthday best purchase made so far. Thank you.

5 Star ReviewCircus Party Hostess - Aug 6, 2014

I searched high and low for a quality clown nose to use as a prop for my sons Big Top Circus themed 3rd birthday party. I needed more than a few but did not want to break the bank for something so silly. I could not beat the price, and the quality far exceeds what I had expected considering the price and quantity... most places sell them in bulk and charge a hefty price. We have worn a couple of them while clowning around in preparation for his party which is this coming Saturday. Your company makes it easy for people of all ages to pick a nose and clown around.

5 Star Reviewbooey - Aug 5, 2014

The noses are very inexpensive, and solid. I wear one the first moment of every time when I see my grandchildren, and have done it since they were each born. (It would be nice if they had them in different colors -- especially blue.) They all know that I will even wear one at their life cycle events! I was buying them locally (in Arizona) for 10 years before I found znovelties. Thanks, znovelties!!!

5 Star Reviewehaas - Jul 24, 2014

Exactly what I ordered!! They are your typical novelty clown nose!! They shipped super fast too, like literally had them the next day!! and i didnt even choose next day shipping!!

5 Star ReviewPaul Eck - May 14, 2014

Our mayor called us a bunch of clowns for supporting an initiative creating a new water/sewer district in our home town. We purchased 108 clown noses to wear with pride at events. Noses were priced right and thanks for the rubber cockroaches in the bottom of the mailer.......oh, they are real..........aaaaaargh!

5 Star ReviewD.O. - Apr 10, 2014

Delivery was prompt. Product was as expected. Delivery was missing pieces but was corrected expeditiously without hym-has or excuses. GREAT business to deal with.

5 Star ReviewDontrice - Mar 11, 2014

The products were exactly what I wanted. They were delivered quickly. I liked that each item was individually wrapped. Thanx for putting smiles on many faces.

5 Star ReviewSusan - Dec 16, 2013

I was so happy with this product. I really liked that each was individually packaged. Cant wait to give the out as part of the party favors for my babys circus theme birthday party.

5 Star ReviewShelley - Dec 12, 2013

My class was learning about Patch Adams. We are learning about every day heroes. He is a man that believes laughter is the best medicine. He often wears a red clown nose. I thought as a fun way to solidify the lesson about Patch Adams would be to give all the kids a red nose. As a teacher, using my own money I was looking for an inexpensive but quality product. I found it here! They were durable and easy for little hands to manipulate. They stay on very well too! Thank you!

5 Star ReviewCarole - Nov 7, 2013

The clown noses were perfect. Bright red, individually wrapped and the lowest price anywhere. znoveltiess customer care department is very responsive....EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!

5 Star ReviewClown customer - Jun 12, 2013

My son had a clown for his 6th birthday and I searched for the best price for the most clown noses and found them here!!! They arrived on time and the kids loved them!!!!

5 Star ReviewTerri - Jun 6, 2013

The clown noses were just what we needed for our Red Nose Day event. We loved the fact that they were individually packaged and they were delivered promptly.

5 Star ReviewMiss Sparkle - May 9, 2013

These foam noses are the best price and individually packaged makes them a great give a way for my school or library shows, even the adults at the senior centers love them. I will continue ordering them from ZNovelties because I have not found a better price anywhere.

5 Star Reviewstu - May 1, 2013

From the first day of my grandsons (10 1/2 years ago) and the first instance that I see him and his younger sister and our other granddaughters, I have always worn a red nose. I have been getting them from a local magic shop. The last time I saw him, we went to a Little League baseball game (they live in Los Angeles and we live in Phoenix), I had to be wearing my red nose. The whole team saw the nose, the coaches loved it, and I got a big batch of them for the team to wear (in a team picture, plus each games Big Bozo). They are bigger in diameter, better price, and I know I am going to be getting more from you. Do you have them in different colors, like blue? [At this time we do not offer them in colors other than blue. -Z]

5 Star ReviewMike D. from KC - Apr 12, 2013

Great product for the price! Im the Easter Egg Bunny at our church each year and we usually hide plastic eggs with prizes, candy, or money inside. Since my daughter is a clown (really) I was familiar with the red noses, but did not realize I could purchase an inexpensive one. I purchase over ninety of them and distributed them all around our church yard for the kids. Some of our members were wearing them for fun and when the kids found them (still packaged), they immediately put them on. What fun!

5 Star ReviewNana - Feb 3, 2013

The clown noses were just what I needed at a fabulous price if you have done any comparison shopping at all. I used them for Rudolph noses for my granddaughters school Christmas parties...they were quite the hit!!! The other very pleasant surprise was the company\s customer service. AWESOME!!! Would not hesitate to purchase anything from this company again.

5 Star ReviewChooten - Jul 31, 2012

I ordered these for a church preschool function and I was impressed that I put in the order but didnt place it and I received and email to see if everything was ok. They were received in a timely manner and the clown noses survived 2-5 year olds. So I was very please with their service.

5 Star Reviewdianne - May 18, 2012

The clown noses generated instant laughter for a group of 30 women ages 30 to 90 yrs. One size fit all.

5 Star ReviewHeather boyd - May 15, 2012

These noses stay right on the nose, and after out of the plastic bag they come in for a bit, they lose the plastiky smell (key given the placement). They were a hit at our 8 year olds carnival party. It is hard to resist smiling at a person with a big red clown nose on. You do not even need any more of an outfit, the nose defines clown-ness. ***These were also less expensive than what I could find on Amazon or Oriental Trading Company***. They arrived on time and in perfect condition. What more can you ask for?

5 Star ReviewMom624 - Apr 12, 2012

For my daughters fifth birthday, I threw her a carnival party. I searched the internet for the best price for clown noses and by far ZNovelties price was the lowest. Both the kids and adults had fun with the noses, they were a hit! As far as quality, I knew they were foam to begin with. The clown noses did serve their purpose and that is all I was worried about. As far as durability, my daughter still wears hers on occasion.

5 Star ReviewThe Storm Family - Jan 30, 2012

We purchased 100 noses for a Boy Scout event. They arrived in a timely manner. The noses are exactly what we were looking for and fit well. We\re looking forward to our event to see the other 99 noses in use. Thank you.

5 Star Reviewkatrina - Jan 12, 2012

The clown noses i bought were perfect! Just what i was looking for! And the shipping was fast. Ordered it on saturday and received it friday. Day before me party!

5 Star ReviewTeri W - Nov 22, 2011

I enjoyed these clown noses for my sons 1st birthday party! Good quality! Great for adults but it kept coming off my 5 year old daughters nose. She finally was able to get them to stay on for a little while by tipping her head up to take a picture. She still enjoyed playing with it!! I think next time I will order the ones with the string for children. Best price for quality!

5 Star Reviewdaki217 - Oct 21, 2011

These clown noses came just in time for a going away party I was giving for a dear friend. I had corny jokes in a bag, and each guest had to put their individual clown nose on and then pull a joke from the bag and read it, There was a lot of laughter and good time was had by all. The price was very reasonable and they arrived at the time promised. Thank you!

5 Star ReviewJosie - Oct 19, 2011

These clown noses are great!! No matter if you are buying them in small amounts as I did, or large amounts for something like a carnival you cant get a better deal than here! We ordered 6 of them for my sons first birthday and every single one of the kids wore them, even a 7 month old! THAT IS how comfortable they are. They are not the best fit for someone with a large nose, like my husband; he could wear it, it just was not easy to breathe for him. I found it comfortable for me though, and would not hesitate to buy them again. I have encouraged people who do carnivals and fundraisers that they have to come to ZNovelties to get these noses because they are so inexpensive and are a great product. Also, the fast delivery was a huge plus, although we ordered them in plenty of time to arrive just in case. I actually want to plan an event just to buy them again for more people to be able to wear them!

5 Star ReviewClown nose shopper - Sep 14, 2011

These were a great price and the delivery was fast! They will make an awesome novelty at my childs circus birthday party...

5 Star ReviewBillie Jeanne - Aug 30, 2011

After seeing the REAL Patch Adams in person, I decided to purchase some red noses to give when the right opportunity came by. I am completely satisfied with my purchase

5 Star ReviewLynn - Jun 27, 2011

These clown noses were a hit at my daughters 3rd grade carnival. Would purchase again without hesitation. They were very inexpensive but the quality was great. Loved that they were individually packaged.

5 Star Reviewgrace - Jun 24, 2011

We bought 36 of them to use in a clown class for kids. They became great fun. They have yet to be destroyed.

5 Star ReviewRosie B - Jun 7, 2011

Order was easy to place and shipped quickly. Upon receipt the noses were individually wrapped and were very easy to use. Exactly as advertised on their website. Would definitely order from them in the future.

5 Star ReviewPARTYPERFECT - May 5, 2011

It was my first time purchasing from you site and I have to see I was very pleased. I ordered 48 clown noses for my daughters 6th birthday party. They arrived quickly in the mail. The quality of the noses was beyond expectation for the value and I would certainly order again when the time arises!

5 Star ReviewGrammyG - Apr 27, 2011

The sponge noses were packaged very one flat one in the bunch. They were soft too - something I did not expect for such a low price. I was very pleased with the quality and very fast shipping.

5 Star ReviewApril T. - Apr 14, 2011

This perfect easy clown nose is the perfect party favor for our 5year old daughters bday party as the take home gift. It is fun and timeless not like the normal junk that costs a fortune thank you for having a great product for a great price

5 Star ReviewBella\'s mom - Mar 18, 2011

The clown noses are great! My daughter loves them, and so does my granddaughter. We will be giving them out at her birthday party this summer in the kids goodie bags. We have a wonderful clown, BJ, coming for the celebration. It should be fun!

5 Star ReviewCapRap - Feb 9, 2011

I was pleasently surprised when I opened up my purchase of clown noses. I live in a campground and sometimes the people who run this place take themselves so serioulsly. I intend to present them with this nose and remind them that life is too short to sweat the small stuff. I think that if everyone wears one at one time or another, this product will have served its thereputic value. Keep Smiling!!!!!!!!

5 Star ReviewSusan - May 25, 2010

We bought enough for every kid & parent at our daughters clown-themed party. They fit everyone snug and the children were excited to take them home. I am purchasing more right now.


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