Rubber Chickens

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What is a more classic practical joke item than a rubber chicken? We strive to offer our customers the lowest prices possible. We are a bulk discount novelty distributor, which is how we keep our prices so low. Most rubber chickens have a minimum purchase requirement, which enables us to keep our prices cheap for everyone.

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Name+ Popularity Price

Bulk Chicken Costume Hat Chicken Costume Hat $3.21
Bulk Deluxe Rubber Chicken Toy Rubber Chicken Toy $7.46
Bulk Economy Rubber Chickens Rubber Chickens $4.68
Bulk Rubber Stretch Chicken Rubber Stretch Chicken $1.53
Bulk Slingshot Rubber Chickens Slingshot Rubber Chickens $0.93
Bulk Stretch Chicken Keychain Stretch Chicken Keychain $0.44

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