Prank Shocking Laser Tag Game

Shocking Laser Tag

Shocking Laser Tag
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To begin, each player fastens a led laser sensor pack to their chest and activates their gun by sending a signal to the opposing player. All participants start with 6 lives, a number that painfully decreases each time you receive a direct hit. As the name implies, each successful hit will be accompanied with a harmless, nerve cringing volt of electricity through your hand. Zzappp!

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Each set comes with 2 laser guns & 2 laser packs with different frequencies. Note that you can play with a virtually unlimited amount of players on two separate teams, as long as all of the players on each team are using the same frequency(identified by controller 1, or controller 2).

As with the shocking tanks, this game also features 2 voltage settings (Wimp & Tough Guy). If you play on wimp mode, each shock will be milder, however you will lose half of your strength in return. With tough guy mode, each hit causes more damage to you, and to your opponent(s) -- you will kill 2 lives for each hit, as opposed to 1 with wimp mode.

Here is a funny video some Europeans shot below. Retired by the manufacturer. View all in stock shocking games.


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