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Shocking Pens

Shocking Pens

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When your mark goes to use this average looking pen, a harmless, but shocking volt of electricity (~50 - 70 volts) will be sent through their hand! Don't worry there are no amps and they won't be hurt. Each shocking pen is very conductive and weighs 15 grams (roughly 1/2 ounce) feeling solid in the hand. And at 5.8" in length it looks like a real boardroom pen. These are the SAME pens selling for five to ten bucks at your local novelty store — in fact, many of those same stores buy these from us.


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Demo batteries are included for testing purposes only, and you may get a stronger shock if you replace them with fresh batteries (be extremely delicate when doing this).  If your pen stops working, gets weak, or does not work upon arrival they take four LR41 alkaline watch cell batteries which are easy to find. If you think your pen is not working, p-l-e-a-s-e replace the batteries before contacting us or returning them.

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5 Star ReviewM.A.Johnson - Sept 27, 2012

Works like a charm, a funny charm. Catches people off guard. Worth the price, will order more.

5 Star ReviewDGH - Jun 28, 2012

I got the pens very quick and they were as funny as I remember. It is amazing how funny it is when you get someone else. I have enjoyed the pen and it was well worth the price.

5 Star ReviewLong0932 - Jan 26, 2012

The product I received was exactly as described online. It was delivered very prompt. I am very pleased with my order and it\s delivery.

5 Star ReviewC Hurd - Jul 20, 2011

Works as advertised. Fast shipping. Would definitely shop with this online vendor again!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5 Star ReviewJuan - Mar 23, 2011

This pen is a cool prank that can fool any one. Also it is harmless because I did this to my 3 year old nephew and he got scare but also laugh. Very cheap and fast shipping. 100% recommended

5 Star ReviewTERRY - Mar 19, 2011

I am very pleased with the product that I received. I got here in time and was packaged very well. No problems at all. Have had lots of fun with this and hope to get more from you. Again, Thanks for the pens and the service.

5 Star ReviewDave K - Feb 18, 2011

This product really works. I believe it is very well engineered, especially for the price. Finally, it has a really long shelf life, maybe over a year...

5 Star Reviewanthony - Feb 8, 2011

i got my pen and when i was putting it together i shocked my self it is so much fun thanks for shipping it to my house!!!!! most of my family got shocked i was laughing so hard i love it...

5 Star ReviewJohn P - Feb 6, 2011

Great Pen! Shocked a lot of people and lasted a long time! I recommend this for any prank!

5 Star ReviewPatricia - Jun 3, 2010

Thanks for getting my order to me so fast! Im not much of a prankster, but a coworker had declared war, and that is when I found you guys. You should have seen her face when she needed to use a pen and got a shock instead! It was great, just enough to make her jump!


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