Remote Control Shocking Tanks

Shocking Tanks

Shocking Tanks
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Each player begins with 6 lives, indicated by led lights on top of their remote controlled tank. As two opponents maneuver their remote controlled tanks around the battlefield, they shoot at the other player while trying to avoid being hit with a shock themselves.

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Each time your infrared gun hits the top of their tank, they get a harmless, but hair raising shock and subsequently lose one life. The first player to kill the other wins. Accompanying battle sounds add to the suspense and make this quite addictive.


As if this shocking game couldn't get any more sadistic, there are two difficulty levels. If you hit your opponent while playing on 'high' instead of 'low', you will hit 2 lights for each direct hit instead of 1, and they will also get a stronger shock as well. The trade-off being that when your tank is hit, you too will receive a stronger shock with each hit. (12) AA batteries included. There are 2 tanks per set, you are ready to start fighting right out of the box. Retired by the manufacturer. View all in-stock shocking toys.

Below is a video some europeans shot.

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