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Fake scratch-off lottery tickets and gag golfballs
Give your friends and family a shocking surprise with our large assortment of shocking toys. They make fun gifts and are all proven hot resale items. We sell most of our items in bulk which allows us to continue to offer wholesale pricing to the public. Please note minimum order quantities on each item.

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Name+ Popularity Price

Bulk Buzz Maze Game Buzz Maze Game $7.16
Bulk Joke Shock Book Joke Shock Book $8.07
Bulk Shock Binding Clip Shock Binding Clip $4.62
Bulk Shock Candy Jar Shock Candy Jar $2.49
Bulk Shock Car Keychain Shock Car Keychain $1.94
Bulk Shock Cell Phone Shock Cell Phone $2.42
Bulk Shock Digital Camera Shock Digital Camera $3.32
Bulk Shock Laser Pointer Shock Laser Pointer $1.98
Bulk Shock Lemonade Can Shock Lemonade Can $2.94
Bulk Shock Lighters Shock Lighters $1.73
Bulk Shock mp3 player Shock mp3 player $1.95
Bulk Shock Quarters Shock Quarters $2.45
Bulk Shock Stapler Shock Stapler $2.75
Bulk Shock Toy Pistols Shock Toy Pistols $1.97
Bulk Shock TV Remote Shock TV Remote $1.98
Bulk Shocking Cards Deck Shocking Cards Deck $2.46
Bulk Shocking Gum Shocking Gum $1.19
Shocking Pens Shocking Pens $1.44

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