Slingshot Animals

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Pooping dog keychains, rubber ducks and fake snakes
Slingshot animals are fun for kids and adults. Place your finger through the loop while holding the legs, let go, and watch as the animal soars through the air. These will provide hours of endless entertainment. They make great gifts, stocking stuffers, party favors, and resale items in places such as zoo gift shops. We are a bulk novelty distributor, meaning the majority of our items have a minimum purchase requirement.

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Name+ Popularity Price

Bulk Alien Slingshot Alien Slingshot $0.88
Bulk Flying Flingshot Cow Flying Flingshot Cow $4.33
Bulk Flying Slingshot Pig Flying Slingshot Pig $4.33
Bulk Frog Slingshot Toy (144 ct) Frog Slingshot Toy $6.24
Bulk Green Frog Slingshot Green Frog Slingshot $1.18
Bulk Slingshot Cats Slingshot Cats $4.05
Bulk Slingshot Chickens Slingshot Chickens $4.05
Bulk Slingshot Pigs Slingshot Pigs $4.05
Bulk Slingshot Rubber Chickens Slingshot Rubber Chickens $0.93

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