Smokers tricks

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Fake scratch-off lottery tickets and exploding gags
If you are looking for fake cigarettes for a theater production, or simply want to play a prank we have you covered. From cigarette loads to fake shocking lighters, we have you covered. Please note that we are a bulk distributor and many of our items are sold in bulk quantities.

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Bulk Fake Cigarette Burns Fake Cigarette Burns $0.80
Bulk Fake Cigars Fake Cigars $0.69
Bulk Lite Up Cigar Lite Up Cigar $2.78
Bulk Shock Lighters Shock Lighters $1.73
Bulk Squirt Lighter Squirt Lighter $0.99
Bulk Stink Cigarette Loads Stink Cigarette Loads $0.69
Theater Puff Cigarettes Theater Puff Cigarettes $0.59

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