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From alligators to zebras, we have a large variety of squirting toys in the shape of animals. These are fun for children at the beach or pool, not to mention in the bath, and make a great resale item. Please note our bulk minimum on each product.

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Name+ Popularity Price

Bulk 2" Squirt Clown Fish 2" Squirt Clown Fish $0.39
Bulk 2" Squirt Cow 2" Squirt Cow $0.39
Bulk 2" Squirt Dinosaurs 2" Squirt Dinosaurs $0.39
Bulk 2" Squirt Elephant 2" Squirt Elephant $0.39
Bulk 2" Squirt Frog 2" Squirt Frog $0.39
Bulk 2" Squirt Monkey 2" Squirt Monkey $0.39
Bulk 2" Squirt Octopus 2" Squirt Octopus $0.39
Bulk 2" Squirt Pig 2" Squirt Pig $0.39
Bulk 2" Squirt Sea Mammals 2" Squirt Mammals $0.39
Bulk 2" Squirt Turtle 2" Squirt Turtle $0.39
Bulk 2" Squirting Pig 2" Squirting Pig $0.39
Bulk 2.5" Squirt Toad 2.5" Squirt Toad $0.39
Bulk Octopus Water Toy Octopus Water Toy $2.24
Bulk Sea Animal Squirters Animal Squirters $0.39
Bulk Squirt Toy Assortment Squirt Toy $0.36

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