Squirt Novelties

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Squirting toys and novelties are a classic prank that will never get old. Think of a clown and you instantly think of the rose they might wear that when someone tries to smell it, they instead get a squirt of water in the face! We have that and many more items to choose from. In order to sell our products at dirt cheap prices, we sell in bulk meaning that most of our items have a minimum order quantity. Check each item for the minimum order quantity.

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Name+ Popularity Price

Bulk Deluxe Squirt Camera Squirt Camera $0.96
Bulk Disappearing Ink Pen Disappearing Ink Pen $0.25
Bulk Squirt Candy Bar Squirt Candy Bar $0.80
Bulk Squirt Cigarettes Squirt Cigarettes $0.83
Bulk Squirt Lighter Squirt Lighter $0.99
Bulk Squirt Nickel Squirt Nickel $1.88
Bulk Squirt Ring Squirt Ring $0.90
Bulk Squirt Rose Squirt Rose $1.82
Bulk Squirt Toilet Seat Squirt Toilet Seat $1.03
Bulk Squirting Gum Squirting Gum $0.94

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