Stage Theater Props

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novelty hats, fake facial hair and fake body parts
We have many essentials you need for your theatrical production, from costume accessories to other types of props. Our puff cigarettes with smoke are a huge hit and look realistic on stage as do other items. This is not an exhaustive list; browse our website for more categories. Note minimum purchase quantities on most items as we are a bulk novelty distributor.

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Name+ Popularity Price

Adult Black Gorilla Costume Adult Black Gorilla Costume $74.72
Adult Chicken Costume Adult Chicken Costume $75.25
Adult Pink Gorilla Costume Adult Pink Gorilla Costume $84.00
Bulk 13" Daisy Plush 13" Daisy Plush $0.57
Bulk 23" Plush Daisy 23" Plush Daisy $1.04
Bulk 5" Ball and Chain 5" Ball Chain $1.79
Bulk Bald Head Wigs Bald Head Wigs $2.08
Bulk Blue Sequin LED Fedoras Blue Sequin LED Fedoras $7.80
Bulk Cigarette Holders Cigarette Holders $1.55
Bulk Detective Hat and Pipe Detective Hat Pipe $4.90
Bulk Detective Pipe Prop Detective Pipe Prop $1.89
Bulk Fake Hypo Needle Fake Hypo Needle $2.90
Bulk Fake Stethoscope Fake Stethoscope $2.64
Bulk Funny Face Mask Face Mask $6.20
Bulk Gas Mask Gas Mask $11.14
Bulk Heart Satin Wand With Stones Heart Satin Wand Stones $2.04
Bulk Jumbo Tennis Ball Jumbo Tennis Ball $4.46
Bulk Light Up Silver Bowtie Light Up Silver Bowtie $1.65
Bulk Microphone Headband Microphone Headband $0.77
Bulk Movie Clapperboard Prop Movie Clapperboard Prop $1.64
Bulk Neon Hair Boppers Neon Hair Boppers $0.68
Bulk Roman Gold Coins Roman Coins $3.64
Bulk Rose Petal Half Mask Rose Half Mask $3.19
Bulk Sequin Bowties Sequin Bowties $0.71
Bulk Telescopic Cigarette Holder Telescopic Cigarette Holder $3.54
Bulk Toy Magic Wands Toy Magic Wands $0.58
Bulk Youth Snowflake Tutu Youth Snowflake Tutu $9.95

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