The Dick Towel

the Dick Towel

the Dick Towel
This has been discontinued. We do not know if it will be restocked. Notify me by email should these become available in the future

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This is the official dick towel invented & worn by Mac on the hit show, 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia'. While not authorized by the network, it is an authentic replication which features all of the detail. Three different nude images are printed on the frontside, including a well-endowed, a small, and a pair of butt cheeks that is sure to crack up your friends & strangers alike. When not being worn at the beach this full sized beach towel doubles as hysterical decor for your bathroom. At this time we do not carry the "black" African American version, or the caucasian female. Shop "dick towels" on amazon


  • 1 towel / 3 different looks
  • measures 30" H x 66" W
  • made of 100% cotton


Sorry, this product has been discontinued due to unreliability with our supplier



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