Toy Puzzles

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Puzzles and small games can be both fun and educational. Cheap enough to fill up prize chests for classrooms and doctors offices, to fill goodie bags, and just as fun activities for kids.We have a wide assortment available and are adding new products all the time. Please take note of minimum order requirements on each item; we sell most items in bulk which allows us to offer wholesale pricing.

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Name+ Popularity Price

Bulk 5" Magnetic Games 5" Magnetic Games $0.87
Bulk Animal Slide Puzzles Animal Slide Puzzles $0.18
Bulk Card Games Card Games $0.29
Bulk Foam Tic Tac Toe Foam Tic Tac Toe $0.21
Bulk Four In A Row Game Four In A Row Game $0.71
Bulk Game Book Assortment Game Book $0.10
Bulk IQ Puzzle Balls IQ Puzzle Balls $0.76
Bulk Metal Wire Puzzles Metal Wire Puzzles $0.69
Bulk Mind Teaser Puzzles Mind Teaser Puzzles $0.28
Bulk Pick Up Sticks Pick Up Sticks $0.88
Bulk Puzzle Ball Eraser Puzzle Ball Eraser $0.49
Bulk Six In One Game Six In One Game $8.40
Bulk Smile Face Slide Puzzle Smile Face Slide Puzzle $0.17
Bulk Snap Click Puzzle Snap Click Puzzle $0.34
Bulk Water Game Water Game $0.76
Bulk Wooden Jacobs Ladder Wooden Jacobs Ladder $1.17
Bulk Wooden Magic Cubes Wooden Magic Cubes $0.99
Bulk Wooden Tic-Tac Toe Game Wooden Tic-Tac Toe Game $0.63
Bulk Wooden Tower Puzzle Wooden Tower Puzzle $2.37
Bulk Wooden Triangle Game Wooden Triangle Game $0.85

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