Toy Weapons

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cap guns and light-up swords
We have all kinds of toy weapons for play, theatrical productions, and even resale. We have a wide assortment of fake guns and knives. Please provide proper adult supervision with young kids. We sell items in bulk at wholesale prices- most items have minimum purchase requirements.

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Name+ Popularity Price

Bulk 11" Plastic Knight Sword 11" Plastic Knight Sword $0.28
Bulk 19" Moon Blaster 19" Moon Blaster $6.40
Bulk 19" Pirate Sword 19" Pirate Sword $0.54
Bulk 6 Foot Leather Whip Leather Whip $2.14
Bulk 6" Toy Slingshots 6" Toy Slingshots $0.65
Bulk Air Dart Set Air Dart Set $1.29
Bulk Dragon Ninja Swords Dragon Ninja Swords $1.86
Bulk Fake Human Leg Bone Fake Leg Bone $2.42
Bulk Foam Ball Slingshot Foam Ball Slingshot $3.90
Bulk Foam Dart Launchers Foam Dart Launchers $0.90
Bulk Foam Disc Shooter Foam Disc Shooter $0.99
Bulk Foam Nunchucks Foam Nunchucks $1.41
Bulk Foam Swords Foam Swords $1.73
Bulk Knight Set Knight Set $10.80
Bulk M16 Bullet Belt M16 Bullet Belt $9.85
Bulk Metallic Ninja Swords Metallic Ninja Swords $1.39
Bulk Moon Shooter Moon Shooter $6.40
Bulk MP5 Toy Submachine Gun MP5 Toy Submachine Gun $1.89
Bulk Rubber Band Gun Rubber Band Gun $1.04
Bulk Rubber Knife Prop Rubber Knife Prop $1.71
Bulk Sponge Ball Launcher Sponge Ball Launcher $0.46
Bulk Suction Cup Dart Gun Suction Cup Dart Gun $1.05
Bulk Toy Gun with Bang Flag Toy Gun Bang Flag $1.66
Bulk Toy M16 Gun with Sound Toy M16 Gun Sound $1.65
Bulk Toy Potato Guns Toy Potato Guns $1.83
Bulk Waterbomb Slingshot Waterbomb Slingshot $1.74

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