Trick Golf Balls

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Fake scratch-off lottery tickets and exploding gags
For the golf player or fan in your life, we have a ton of golf ball prank items available for purchase. From golf balls that explode on impact to ones that zig zag instead of going in the predictable straight line, we have golf balls that are sure to make your next round of golf a trip to remember. Please note minimum order quantities for each product, as the quantity mar vary from item to item, but selling in bulk allows us to offer the lowest prices around.

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Name+ Popularity Price

Bulk Exploding Golf Balls Exploding Golf Balls $2.48
Bulk Exploding Golfball Clamshell Exploding Golfball $2.89
Bulk Farting Golf Balls Farting Golf Balls $5.09
Bulk Golf Tease Gag Gift Golf Tease Gag Gift $0.93
Bulk Jetstreamer Golf Ball Jetstreamer Golf Ball $2.48
Bulk Phantom Golf Ball Phantom Golf Ball $2.62
Bulk Pop A Putt Prank Pop A Putt Prank $8.18
Bulk Unputtable Golf ball Unputtable Golf ball $2.34
Golfers Combo 4 pack Golfers Combo $10.93

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